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Here at Hope Pregnancy Center we are aware that a pregnancy can become a crisis when it is complicated by broken relationships, family tensions, poor timing, health concerns, assault, financial difficulties and school or career pressures. We offer counsel on the emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of pregnancy and information concerning available options. An unplanned or crisis pregnancy does not necessitate making uninformed or impulsive decisions.

Counseling All Clients are accepted as unique individuals with unique situations. We will listen, understanding there are no easy answers. Counselors at The Pregnancy Center are trained volunteers who care… about you.

Pregnancy alternatives information You will receive accurate information to enable you to make a choice based on knowledge rather than fear or pressure. We also offer support to women who need to discuss their feelings about their past abortion experience.

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December, 2017
Dear Friends--
Yes, this is a long letter. I considered sending it in installments, but if need be, you can read it with breaks in between. It’s a privilege to tell you the latest happenings at Hope Pregnancy Center.
We have been truly blessed with excellent volunteers, abundant material donations, adequate monetary donations, and exemplary resources. In 2017 we had fewer clients especially when compared to the high numbers in 2016 (more on that later). How God provides for HPC is amazing! We replaced our furnace and traded for a working clothes dryer. The volunteers reduced our inventory, and continue to organize the existing and new incentives and resources weekly. There is always plenty to do for everyone involved.

EARN WHILE YOU LEARN: (EWYL) Just a brief summary of our program, Earn While You Learn: All parents, regardless of their income, residence, marital status, age, number or age of children are welcome to participate, free. Our name, Hope Pregnancy Center, may suggest that we serve only woman during and immediately after pregnancy. Some might wrongly think that we only serve crisis pregnancies – one in which the woman is young, unmarried or ill-prepared for an unexpected pregnancy or parenting a child. While we certainly would be glad to come alongside that individual, we also have materials/lessons for preteens and teens on the value of abstinence as well as lessons for moms and dads on the raising of a child from infancy and toddlerhood through the primary grades and the teen years, lessons concerning their physical and character development.
Lesson topics range from prenatal development and the safety and care of infants, to the discipline/training of youth. Other materials deal with relational issues, finances, or spiritual understanding. Parents choose lessons according to their situations and interests.
We continue to expand our EWYL resources. Are you interested in applying for a new job? Learning to be more fiscally responsible? Discovering how to resolve conflict? Teaching your toddler sign language? Ascertaining proper behavior through training? Seeking a lifetime mate or improving your marriage? Understand the important role of each parent?
PARENTING SKILLS: “Parents tend to parent the way they were parented.” We want to perpetuate the virtuous examples, but select and discard the poor patterns used to raise a child. Did your parents demean or criticize your every move, call you names, abuse you physically, allow a neighbor or family member to abuse you sexually? Was one of your parents an addict? Did you experience your parents’ divorce or feel abandoned? Did you grow up in a family where there was a lot of anger and hollering? Did your parents have expectations too high to meet? Were your parents authoritarian or permissive? Or, did you feel loved unconditionally at all times balanced with the appropriate family guidelines?
As a mentor, I have met with individuals of every age, social, ethnic, and religious background. Most parents, grandparents, aunts or day care providers aspire to be the best role model and instructor that they can be. Our clients want to learn, may need the incentives, but mostly crave someone who cares enough to really listen, not only when they vent, but when they celebrate simple triumphs in their lives. Our commitment to confidentiality is essential.
Our clients earn two Baby Bucks (BB) when they attend their appointments, a BB for each lesson completed and reviewed, and a BB for a church bulletin or record of an attended doctor’s appointment, as well as BB’s for gently-used clothing and household items that are no longer needed by them. The clients may redeem their BBs for incentives we have on our premises at their discretion. Not only have we provided essential clothes, baby items and personal toiletries, but clients were excited to use their Baby Bucks for a couch, a microwave and other housewares and small appliances.
OUR PHILOSOPHY: Hope Pregnancy Center is positive minded. We are pro- life (definitely NOT associated with Planned Parenthood), pro- traditional marriage and pro- family. We strive to encourage every person to be the best person they can be – that choices matter and inevitably consequences follow choices. We are all “inadequate”, imperfect individuals. But why not strive to be better? HPC volunteers pledge to walk life’s paths with individuals wherever they lead and from whence they’ve come.
OUR SUPPORT: We are totally donor-supported; we do not accept federal funding. We are pleased when those ordering from Smile.Amazon specify HPC for a small “kick-back”, when the farmers donate grain in our name or when we are named recipients of memorials. We are our own entity. We are not connected to any other pregnancy resource centers, a particular church or hospital, but definitely appreciate the support from all individuals, businesses and churches. This fall I had the opportunity to speak to one local church for the first time and another that requests an update annually.
OUR RELATIONSHIPS: We enjoy a good working relationship with medical staff and other agencies in Nuckolls County and surrounding counties that provide vital services. In 2017, we had a client mentored with our Earn While You Learn (EWYL) curriculum in a local school by a staff member. A couple hospitals referred clients to us, reminding us that transportation is still the ultimate barrier for some parents who could use our services. HPC continues to assist with the Nuckolls County Health Fair and the Giving Tree along with other Human Interagency Service (HIS) members.
OUR VOLUNTEERS – The HEART OF OUR SERVICE: Our quality volunteers not only care about our clients, but also our mission and each other. Several of the volunteers gather over the noon hour to review DVDs and books that we use with our clients. We are more connected by sharing our personal struggles and praying for each other and the center. Some volunteers offer their time to clean, mark and organize the material donations so they are available for our parents. And I must say, they seem to have a good time while fellowshipping.
We have those that volunteer for certain jobs like mowing, fertilizing and maintaining our landscape, removing snow, writing thank you notes, or designing or typing forms, lessons or our newsletter. In the past, individuals have painted, made minor repairs, given legal or technical advice or simply helped move heavy furniture. Whatever your skills or talents, if you are willing to donate some time and energy, please contact me. Due especially to our aging volunteers, HPC has openings on our Board, could use a couple more mentors, and a handyman for those little repairs.
OUR BOARD: The Board members oversee the budget, make improvement and fundraising decisions, direct long-term goals and offer encouragement and prayer for specific needs either of the HPC or requested personally. Jill Ping and Rick Disney are our newest Board members.
HOW YOU CAN HELP: There are parents in our community that would flourish at HPC. We urge you to encourage them to call for an appointment or better yet, bring them over for a tour. We are serving 7 moms at the present time compared to 17 clients in January of 2016. We are a generous community, giving and sharing as we are led. We covet your prayers for potential clients, existing clients, and our volunteers. To God be the glory for using us as instruments in the raising of healthy families.
If you’d like a better understanding of HPC’s program, please call for a personal tour. We have had a multitude of individuals and groups tour Hope Pregnancy Center. The most common parting comment is “I never realized all that you do!”
To you receiving calendars, may it remind you how sacred human life is and see each day of the New Year as an opportunity to be kind to one another. Hope Pregnancy Center appreciates whatever role you have had in making 2017 a rewarding time and productive endeavor.
Janice Reinke
Hope Pregnancy Center

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Almost two years ago, I began reaching out to you and introducing you to our organization, Day of Tears. At the time I wrote:

" Day of Tears has two goals. The first is to name January 22nd the Day of Tears. Along the lines of Memorial Day, Labor Day and Thanksgiving Day, we seek to name a new day in honor of the preborn who have lost their lives to abortion.

The second goal is to encourage people across the country to fly their flags at half-staff on January 22nd. Americans will awaken on January 22nd and during their daily travels will see flags lowered in mourning. Not understanding why, many shall ask, who died? In doing so, they will be educated, and perhaps, influenced. "

Just this past year we were successful in Virginia. The House of Representatives in the General Assembly passed a resolution designating Jan 22 as a Day of Tears. It was a simple resolution, but a powerful one.

This is where we need your help. We would like to replicate this throughout the nation. If we can get our states to designate January 22 as a day of mourning our lost children, we can create a movement and send a clear message to Washington.

Will you join us? Please take a moment to send me an email, letting me know who I can contact in your state. Just one email may set into motion a great, culture changing action.

Thank you for all that you do for the preborn!

~Anne Fitzgerald
Executive Director

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